MS/PhD Student (focus: molecular epidemiology of infectious disease)

Dr. Lee`s laboratory (http://www.patho.uconn.edu/lee.php) at the Department of Pathobiology and Veterinary Science, University of Connecticut is seeking MS/Ph.D. candidates with research interests in the epidemiology of infectious diseases, emerging infectious diseases, molecular epidemiology, and virology. Our departmental research profile focuses on infectious diseases of animals and humans, vaccines, veterinary pathology, and wildlife diseases. Dr. Lee`s lab uses molecular techniques including next-generation sequencing and bioinformatics to clarify questions regarding the spread, evolution, and zoonotic potential of viruses in animals. A particular focus of this position is the application of genomics and phylogenetic models to trace the origin and understand the spread pattern and evolutionary history of avian influenza virus and other pathogens.



What we expect:
- BS/MS degree in molecular biology, microbiology, virology, veterinary medicine, bioinformatics, epidemiology
- Knowledge in microbiology or genetic analysis (for Ph.D student)
- Experience in sequence analysis (for Ph.D student)
- Analytical and structured way of working, good team and communication skills
- English language skills (TOEFL and GRE scores should be submitted)

Please send your application including a CV and a letter describing your motivation to work with us via e-mail to Prof. Dr. Dong-Hun Lee (dong-hun.lee@uconn.edu).

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Dong-Hun Lee, D.V.M., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Pathobiology & Veterinary Science
61 N. Eagleville Rd, Storrs, CT 06269
The University of Connecticut
e-mail: dong-hun.lee@uconn.edu