Welcome to the Genomics and Molecular Epidemiology Research (GaMER) lab in the Department of Pathobiology and Veterinary Science of University of Connecticut.

We use an interdisciplinary combination of high-throughput genome sequencing, computational biology, phylogenetic analysis, and traditional molecular biology and virology. We hope that, through our research, we can better understand the genetic diversity and evolutionary dynamics of rapidly mutating viruses in animals. 

Publications in 2019


  • Welcome, Sol!
    Visiting scholar Sol Jeong started in the lab in May 2019. Sol is working on a molecular analysis of natural reassortant avian influenza viruses identified from wild birds. Welcome, Sol!
  • Welcome, Julia!
    Pathobiology student Julia Desiato has joined our lab for summer work. It is my great pleasure to welcome Julia and wish her all the best for a successful training and research outcome in our lab. Welcome, Julia!
  • Welcome Hyunjung!
    Welcome, Hyunjung! Hyunjung started in the lab in August 2019 as a Ph.D. student. His primary research interests include genomics and molecular epidemiology of zoonotic infectious diseases, including influenza and rabies.

Events at Uconn

  1. 10/21 Apply For Neag School Alumni Board Scholarship By Oct. 30
  2. 10/21 Windows/Linux Server OS Patching
  3. 10/21 Weekly Wednesday Reboot of SAPROD
  4. 10/21 Department Of Surgery Teaching Conference Via WebEx
  5. 10/21 UConn School of Engineering Professional Education Webinar
  6. 10/21 CBC Workshop: Virtual RNA-Seq (Model)
  7. 10/21 Lead Paint Awareness
  8. 10/21 School Of Social Work Information Session And Group Advising
  9. 10/21 Chemistry Colloquium: Gilles Gasser, Chimie Paris Tech
  10. 10/21 Algebra Seminar
    On Isolated Points Of Odd Degree
    Abbey Bourbon (Wake Forrest University)
  11. 10/21 CANCELED | Hartford Campus Change Meeting
  12. 10/21 Sociocultural Anthropology Seminar Series
  13. 10/21 Engineering Conversations: Computer Engineering
  14. 10/21 Critical Looking: A Virtual Dialogue
  15. 10/21 What Is A Fascist? A Trans-Atlantic Issue